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  • We Need Food in Bulk

    The Henderson County Food Pantry is having difficulty buying Thanksgiving food stuff in bulk. Such items as dressing, cranberry sauce and gravy mix have not been available. We like to give either a Turkey or a ham but again the supply is limited and the price so much higher than last year. All this to […]

  • Food from Piggly WIggly

    Sammy from Piggly Wiggly loaded up my car with food sacks bought by their customers for the Henderson County Food Pantry. Thank you Athens for your tremendous support and thank you Piggly Wiggly for all the work you did in packing the sacks.

  • April 30, 2020 Update

    We had a great day, and were able to help so many families. Here are a few photos. Thank you to all of the volunteers and everyone who helped us.